Abhineet Mishra Biography: Age, Wife, Neet, Comedian, Net Worth Journalist

Abhineet Mishra Bio – Abhineet Mishra is a stand-up comedian, also a former journalist and a social activist. He uses his sharp wit and humor to raise awareness and express his opinion. His daily video vlogs are an entertainment for millions of fans. In this blog, we will explore how the life and career of Abhineet Mishra has changed into the activist-comedian who makes a difference.

Ahineet Mishra Bio:

Abhineet Mishra
Abhineet Mishra

Abhineet Mishra is a stand-up comedian. He is a former journalist. He is an active stand-up comedian from Mumbai, India. Abhineet Mishra left his job five years ago and also, there strongly linked with Indian journalist Arnab Goswami.

Abhineet Mishra's performance
Abhineet Mishra’s performance

Abhineet Mishra left his career as a journalist five years ago. He left the jobs of the newspaper publishing company The Indian Express and India’s largest English daily newspaper The Times of India. After that, he switched his career into stand-up comedian. He uploaded daily vlogs and comedy short videos and reel. Despite his love for comedy, Abhineet is also known for his clever jokes, sharp wit and humor.

Abhineet Mishra Age:

Abhineet Mishra’s date of birth is not available. But right now, he is 36 years old.

Abhineet Mishra wife:

Abhineet Mishra and his Family
Abhineet Mishra and his Family

Abhineet Mishra is 36 years old and has n’t married till now. He is still unmarried and searching for a perfect partner.   

Abhineet Mishra Net Worth In Indian Rupees:

From journalism to comedy, Abhineet Mishra has carved a niche for himself as an Indian stand-up comedian. With his witty and insightful jokes, he is loved by audiences across the country from his base in Mumbai.

Abhineet Mishra is not only a talented comedian, but also a successful brand person. His net worth is estimated to be around 15 lakhs INR, according to research.

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