Anushka Bajpai Jain Biography, Age, Instagram, Early Life and More

Anushka Bajpai Jain is a stage artist, poetess, writer and a show anchor. She became famous for her poems. This is interesting to see how a girl from Lucknow spreading magic among audience through her Shayari. So, in this blog you all know about Anushka Bajpai Jain, her journey, story, biography and more.

Anushka Bajpai Jain Biography:

Anushka Bajpai Jain was born on 15 July, 1997 in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh. She started her journey in very interesting way. At the time of her college days, Anushka’s friends Batul Rizvi and Fatima make an Instagram I’d with username “the_ticking_pen (latest name) for Anushka Bajpai Jain without informing to Anushka. When Anushka came to know about this surprise, firstly she did’nt like and lately she deleted that account two times but then she realize about her interest in poetry, so she started posting her own Shayari.

Later, Anuksha confesses in her Instagram story that this Instagram ID is a precious gift given by her friends. After her debut on Instagram and then on YouTube, her viewers started liking to listen to Anushka’s voice and her heart-touching story so much. And from that, the beautiful story of Anushka Bajpai Jain began.

Anushka Bajpai Early life and Education:

Anushka Bajpai Jain is a talented poet and storyteller who was born on June 12, 1998 in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh. She completed her schooling from Colvin Taluqdar’s College and pursued her higher education from Lady Shree Ram College, New Delhi, India.

She has a passion for Shayari, poetry and storytelling, and has performed on various stages and live shows on Instagram and other social media platforms during the lockdown. She also hosted episodes of the show “Golden Hits” for Doordarshan Uttar Pradesh, which received positive feedback from the audience.

Anushka Bajpai Jain Biography Table.

Date of Birth12 June 1998
Current PlaceLucknow
Age 25 (As on 2023)
Relationship statusSingle
Instagram IDthe_ticking_pen

Some more points

  • The first inspiration of Anushka for her poetry was her mother. She wrote her first poem in 2009.
  • Anushka deleted her Instagram ID two times before getting viral.
  • She loves music and poetry because she believes Arts love Arts.
  • She adds the word “Bajpai” to her name because it is her mother’s surname and Anushka dedicates her poetry to her mother. It is a beautiful gesture.

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