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Mallika Sarabhai is an indian classical dancer, actress and an activist. She is a daughter of india’s Greatest scientist and Physicist Vikram Sarabhai. Well, today we will see the whole life journey of Mallika Sarabhai in this blog. Let’s start.

Mallika Sarabhai
Mallika Sarabhai


Mallika Sarabhai is an indian classical dancer, actress and an activist. She is a daughter of india’s Greatest scientist, Physicist and founder of Indian space program ISRO, Shri Vikram Sarabhai and one of the greatest Indian classical Kuchipudi and Bharatanatyam dancer and instructor Shri Mrinalini Sarabhai. She inherited her culturally and intellectually from her family. Her mother Shri. Mrinalini gave the knowladge of dance and traditional richness to her daughter Malikka Sarabhai. Her father Shri. Vikram Sarabhai gives to his daughter dicipline and India’s future vision.

Mallika Sarabhai Early life and Education:

Mallika Sarabhai was born on May 9, 1954 in Ahmedabad, Gujrat. After completing economics honor from St. Xavier’s College, Mumbai, she completed her MBA from IIM Ahmedabad in 1974. Then, in 1976 she completed Doctorated in Organization Behaviour from Gujarat University.

Mallika Sarabhai with her father statue Shri VIkram Sarabhai
Mallika Sarabhai with her father’s statue Shri. Vikram Sarabhai

She started learning dance at the age of 7. At her mother’s guidances, her Bharatanatyam training started at home itself. Then, she began her training in Kuchipudi under R. Archaryelu. later, Mallika was seen giving an amazing performance on the stage.

She started her film career in the parallel cinema at the age of 15. Mallika has given many amazing performances. She played the role of Draupadi (Indian Mythology character of Mahabharat) in the Peter Stephen Paul Brook’s play “The Mahabharat”. Also, Director Prabhat Mukherjee, approaching her first for his venture ‘Sonal’ for the lead role. That is her first debuted film in cinema.

Mallika Sarabhai has won many awards and medals in her life. The Golden Star Award is one of them, which she won for the catagory of Best Dance Soloist, Theatre De Champs Elysees, Paris in 1977.

Mallika is also managing the dance academy, The Darpana Academy of performing, located at Ahmedabad, estabilished by her mother Shri. Mrinalini Sarabhai.

Mallika Sarabhai Family:

After the death of Shri. Vikram Sarabhai at December 30, 1971, her mother Shri. Mallika Sarabhai takes the whole responsibility of Mallika Sarabhai. Mallika Sarabhai married with Bipin Shah, Bipin Shah and Mallika Sarabhai both are Managing Director of Mapin Publishing. Both have two children, a son, Revanta Shah and a daughter, Anahita Shah. Later, they both separated with the consent of both taking Divorce in 1989. But still, both are manging Mapin Publishing together.

Mallika Sarabhai
Mallika Sarabhai’s childhood photo with Shri. Vikram Sarabhai

Political Career:

In 2014, Mallika Sarabhai joined the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP). Before, in 2009, she will contest the Parliamentary Election against L.K Advani from Gandhinagar Lok Sabha seat as an independent candidate. In result, she ended up losing by a huge margin.

A Social Activist

Mallika Sarabhai took so many wellfare projects including the “The Acting Healthy Project” in an effort to serve the society. This project educated people on the how to avoid maternal death and infant deaths due to malnutrition. She has also played an active role in the UNICEF Peer Educators Project, UNICEF Anandshala Projects and UNICEF Rural Health Projects.

Awards and Achievements

Mallika Sarabhai has been honored with several awards during her journey.

Best Actress Awards (1975)Meena Gurjari
Sangeet Natak Akademi Award (2000)Creative dance
Padma Bhusan (2010)for contribution to Performing Arts
Nobel prize nomination for peace
French Palme D’or (1977)The highest Civillian Award in Franch.
Theatre Pasta Theatre Award (2007)NA
Chevalier des Palme’s Academiques (2005)NA

Summary Table

Date of BirthMay 9, 1954
Birth PlaceAhmedabad, Gujarat, India
ProfessionActivist, Kuchipudi and Bharatanatyam Dancer
SpouseBipin Shah
Children Son Revanta and Daughter Anahita
Father Shri. Vikram Sarabhai
MotherShri Mrinalini Sarabhai
Sibling Kartikeya Sarabhai
Education IIM Ahmendabad & Gujrat University
Famous AwardsPadma Bhushan, French Palme D’or

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