Saket Gokhale Bodybuilder Age, GF, Height and Net Worth

Saket Gokhale Date of Birth – Meet Saket Gokhale, a famous fitness influencer and bodybuilder. Click here to find more information regarding Saket Gokhale Biography in which you will know about his Age, Girlfriend, Family, and Net Worth.

Saket Gokhale
Saket Gokhale

Saket Gokhale is a renowned fitness influencer and bodybuilder, celebrated for his distinctive fitness journey and unwavering commitment to his health and bodybuilding goals. At 23 years old, Saket’s passion for the gym surpasses his love for carbs and sweets. He serves as an inspiration not only to the youth but also to those who hesitate to pursue their passions.

Saket Gokhale rose to fame with his left 75-day photoshoot campaign on social media, which showcased his natural body transformation. He evolved from a slender frame to a muscular build, gaining prominence for his authentic approach to fitness.

He is also a bright student who not only focuses on fitness but also on studies. Saket scored 94.4% in tenth board examination and also has a good command of five different languages, Hindi, English, Marathi, German and Japanese.

Saket loves animals, especially dogs. He also has a pet at home.

His parents are also very supportive towards his passion and goals. His father Mr. Mangesh Gokhale and his mother Mrs. Ashwini Gokhale.

Saket Gokhale was born on December 3, 2000.

Saket Gokhale completed his Bachelor of Science (2018-2021) from Sir Parashurambhau College, Pune.

Saket Gokhale was born in Pune, Maharashtra.

Saket Gokhale
Saket Gokhale

Official data regarding Saket Gokhale’s girlfriend is not available. However, his official Instagram account suggests he is in a relationship, although her name is Diva Kapoor.

Saket Gokhale have a nice physics with height around 5 feet 9 inches.

Latest News and Update about Saket Gokhale:

Now we will tell you all the latest News and Updates about Saket Gokhale. Read these all in given below,

Recently, Saket hosted a podcast featuring Ankit Baiyanpuria, who took on the 75-day intense fitness challenge.

Saket Gokhale with Ankit Baiyanpuria
Saket Gokhale with Ankit Baiyanpuria

Saket Gokhale Net Worth

We have been searching Saket Gokhale’s Net worth for two months and according to our research we will tell you the latest information about his net worth,

Saket Gokhale
Saket Gokhale

Saket Gokhale’s total net worth is estimated to be around 8 Lakhs INR, primarily accrued through his YouTube channel. In addition to this, he has augmented his earnings through sponsorships and advertisements.

Furthermore, his annual income is approximately 4 lakhs INR, with a monthly income of about 2 lakhs INR.


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