Shreya Pattar: Age, Linkedin, Career, Net Worth and Biography

Meet Shreya Pattar, a content writer, freelancer, and sales expert who knows how to craft engaging and persuasive stories. In this blog, you will learn more about her background and career journey, and how she became a successful professional in her field. Read on to find out. 

Shreya Pattar. Shreya Pattar age, income and net worth

Who is Shreya Pattar?

Shreya pattar is a professional content writer, freelancer, and sales expert. At her starting phase of her life, she started preparation for the medical entrance exam and wanted to become a cardiologist but later she was fond of passion and love in writing, she began her journey towards as a freelancer.  

Sherya is also a fitness lover who regularly goes to the Gym. She also featured in podcasts, and attended seminars in colleges and universities. Recently, she organised a Mumbai Meetup for her fans.

Shreya Pattar at Gym
Shreya Pattar 

Shreya is a successful freelancer, although she is just 25 years old she already successfully started her journey and is inspiring many people. 

Shreya Pattar Journey:

Shreya Pattar was born in Mumbai where she completed her schooling. After that, she moved to Dublin, Capital city of Ireland where she got admission in Trinity College of Dublin, in 2020, from where she got her Under Graduation Certificate in Innovation and Entrepreneurship. Also, she did Bachelor of Arts – BA, English Literature and Philosophy.

Shreya Pattar net worth

During college, she started freelancing and earning some money and eventually, in college fest, she met Linkedin CEO Jeff Weiner. She wrote a Linkedin post about her meeting with Jeff Weiner and that post got viral. Afterwards, she got a writing project request and from there, her journey started. 

Shreya Pattar Date Of Birth:

Shreya Pattar net worth
Shreya Pattar

Shreya Pattar was born on July 4th, 1999 in Mumbai, Maharashtra. She is 24-years-old.

Shreya Pattar Net Worth:

Shreya Pattar net worth

Shreya pattar is a professional content writer, freelancer, and sales expert. According to our team research, her total net worth is around 15 lakhs in Indian rupees.

Also, her monthly income is around 80,000 in Indian rupees and her income sources are content writer, freelancer, sales expert etc.

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