Dharambir Tau Haryana Biography, Real Age, Story, and more

Welcome to another blog and here we will see one interesting biography and yes, they are none another than our Dharambir Tau from Haryana. Wait! don’t confuse because he is not actual Tau or Old Person. Well, that’s true. So, in this blog we will see the full biography of the Dharamabir Haryana Tau, real age, early life and his journey, story and more.

Dharamabir Tau Biography:

So Dharamabir Tau is a fiction funny character which is played by a YouTuber Pankaj Rathee. Pankaj Rathee is a YouTuber and also running a channel on YouTube name “Team Help Them” in which Pankaj start a group of youngsters who runs campaign to aware people about one of the biggest issues of India i.e Begging. His team want a Beggar free India in which no one should be forced to sleep on an empty stomach.

Dharamabir Singh Early Life:

In real Dharamabir Singh is none other than a 25-year-old Pankaj Rathee who basically a character of a funny 75-year-old Haryanavi Tau. Pankaj Rathee is a resident from Garhi Village in Rohtak, Haryana. He lives with his family, father Hansraj Rathee who inspires him alot.

During the lockdown when Pankaj Rathee realised that there is so many beggars who need someone then Pankaj and with few youngsters make a team and start fundraise for beggars and for those who have no income sourse and family who stay on streets and in front of Temples.

How Dharamabir Tau become famous on Instagram?

In June 16, Pankaj Rathee makes a random profile on Instagram with name “dharamabirharyana” in which, by the help of Snapchat filter, he makes a character of 75 years old Tau and make a funny and dark humour video. Within a few weeks Pankaj Rathee gained a million of followers and likes on his funny videos.

One Instagram reel which was viral so much in which Dharamabir Tau on pool with our girlfriend Rendy, speaking about our retirement plans. In this video he declares that isn’t going to share a single penny of his money with his kids, rather than he enjoy old age to the fullest. And btw he hates die.

What is Real Age of Dharamabir Tau?

In real Pankaj Rathee, who played a funny role of Dharamabir Tau, is actually a 25 years old youngster.

Character Name Dharamabir Tau Haryana
Real Name Pankaj Rathee
Date of BirthUnknown.
HometownRohatk, Haryana.
Current placeDelhi, India.
Height 5ft”9 inch
Relationship status Single

Some Interesting points:

  • Dharamabir Tau or Pankaj Rathee is actually running an organization “Team Help Them” which is inspired by his father during lockdown
  • Dharamabir Tau hates to give our property in our children. Bad Luck for his children.
  • Dharamabir Tau love our girlfriend Rendy but Rendy love to other. XD.

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